Sustainable designers donate to EJF's Save the Sea campaign

Top fashion designers including iconic Dame Zandra Rhodes, Collette Dinnigan, Bronwyn Lowenthal (Lowie) and Cora Hilts (Rêve En Vert) have donated to a stunning new range of ocean-themed T-shirts to support EJF’s Save the Sea campaign.

Launched on World Oceans Day, the designs are already making a splash in fashionable, ocean conservation circles. A ‘Save the Sea’ T-shirt is a purchase for life: printed on organic cotton, with all profits directly supporting EJF’s work to end illegal fishing and marine pollution. Each of these beautiful designs is inspired by a shared passion and concern for the future of our oceans and our ‘blue planet’.

These talented designers have been compelled to create a ‘Save the Sea’ design by a range of perils to ocean environments.

Dame Zandra Rhodes, who celebrates 50 years in the fashion business this year, says “I’m thrilled to be donating another design to EJF, a charity fighting for the heart of our oceans. No pollution is the only solution when it comes to taking care of our seas, the people who live by and sail on oceans, and incredible wildlife inside. The fact that over 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans every year is appalling, and I hope my design helps people think harder about their use of plastic, and their love of the sea.”

Bronwyn Lowenthal, co-founder of ethical clothing brand Lowie, and long-term supporter of EJF, has created a vibrant graphic design of coral and sea creatures. She was moved by her time diving on the now irreparably damaged Great Barrier Reef.

"We have supported EJF for the last 10 years and have a longstanding relationship with this amazing charity so when the opportunity came up to design a t-shirt to help the Save the Sea cause, we jumped at the chance. I grew up by the sea in a sailing city in Tasmania, Australia and I have always been close to nature, and now more than ever it is vital that we protect our oceans and those that work with them."

Lowie have also been diving deep on the web for plastic-free practices and products, which you can read about here.

Cora Hilts models her Save the Sea design, with its striking anti- plastic pollution message.

Cora Hilts models her Save the Sea design, with its striking anti- plastic pollution message.

Cora Hilts, co-founder of sustainable luxury boutique Rêve En Vert, likewise describes her childhood by the sea as a source of inspiration. “It was such an honour to be asked by EJF to design an item of clothing that would use fashion to resonate with a deeper meaning of sustainability. Having grown up on the seaside in Maine, protecting our oceans is one of the most important things to me and I hope this T-shirt will help in some way with that.”

Successful Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan takes Arctic wildlife as her focus for a beautifully hand-drawn design. "There's a reason why polar bears, seals and walruses are poster animals for the ravages of climate change: global warming is disfiguring the Arctic faster than anywhere else on Earth, and these intelligent, and interlinked, marine animals are being pinched into positions they should never have to endure. I am proud to be donating this design to EJF, a charity fighting for marine biodiversity, and changing the way we treat our seas."

The T-shirts are made from 100% organic, fairly-traded cotton in a factory powered by renewable energy. Designs by Rêve En Vert, Lowie and Collette Dinnigan are available to buy now from EJF’s Just-For shop – with Zandra Rhodes’s T-shirt released later in the month.

100% of profits directly support EJF’s Oceans Campaign – replenishing fisheries by working with local communities in West Africa, tracking illegal fishing internationally, preventing slavery at sea, and protecting a multitude of marine life.

Steve Trent, EJF’s Executive Director said: “Organic cotton offers a natural alternative to synthetic fabrics that are polluting our oceans. Buying a JUST-FOR t-shirt means you’re not only supporting innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry, but with 100% of the profits going back into EJF’s work, you’re playing a vital role in protecting the oceans upon which all life on Earth depends.”

Celebrity photo shoot film

In celebration of our growing JUST FOR collection, which now includes over 26 designs, we're giving you the opportunity to see 'behind the scenes' at our star studded photo shoots with this short film featuring David Gandy, Lily Cole, Diana Vickers and many others as they show their support by being photographed in our designer t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Click below to watch the film and see our celebrity supporters in action!

EJF @ Urban Outdoors festival ft. Dame Vivienne Westwood & EJF Patron Katharine Hamnett

Fashion fans were treated to a taste of environmental activism from two of the UKs most iconic designers last weekend in the first of what could be many ‘Urban Outdoor’ festivals. Held at Castlehaven Community Centre, Camden, fashion royalty Dame Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett joined forces to promote valuable environmental messages to the London community, encouraging locals to oppose fracking, fight against pesticide use and begin living more sustainably.

Representing her activism group ‘Climate Revolution’, Vivienne gave an enlightening speech about a variety of topics spanning inherently faulty agricultural systems to the seemingly never ending quest to deplete the land of precious fossil fuels using damaging new technologies such as natural gas drilling (or, fracking). She then led a troupe of excited fans on a bike ride around Camden in the name of clean travel. Her presence at the event drove fans towards our EJF stall in search of her War/Peace T-shirt design in support of our No Place Like Home campaign for climate refugees, which a number of her admirers purchased on the day.

Dame Vivienne Westwood wearing Climate Revolution stockings, about to embark on her Clean Air cycle ride

Dame Vivienne Westwood wearing Climate Revolution stockings, about to embark on her Clean Air cycle ride

EJF Patron Katharine Hamnett and Dame Vivienne Westwood in Katharines new 'Sack Paterson' T shirt

EJF Patron Katharine Hamnett and Dame Vivienne Westwood in Katharines new 'Sack Paterson' T shirt

Katharine Hamnett also addressed the crowd with a thought-provoking take on the use of Glyphosate pesticides in London Boroughs, highlighting their effects on human and environmental health and calling for their use to be banned. Katharine continued on to address issues of neoncotinoid usage, urging attendees to support a permanent ban throughout the UK. On the day, the queen of the straightforward political slogan gained much attention around her new ‘Sack Paterson’ t-shirt. EJF is proud to stock Katharine Hamnett’s ‘Save The Future’ limited edition T-shirt, available exclusively through our Just For range.

EJF's volunteers were selling our bee themed designer t-shirts, doing bee themed face painting for children and talking to festival goers about how they could help to SAVE THE BEES by growing flowers and plants for bee habitat, building bee hotels and not using any chemical treatments in their gardens. 

YAW Store support Just For EJF

YAW Store has been supporting EJF this June by helping run our Just For pop-up shop on Newburgh Street and by donating a percentage of their fabulous ethical wares to our Oceans work.  Their support has been amazing this month, and they have helped raise awareness about our work to protect people and planet. Yet as the doors closed on the shop last Sunday, 22nd June, YAW Store decided that they wanted to continue to support our work by donating 20% of sales from their sea themed ‘A Question of..’ stock to support EJF Save the Sea.

YAWstore's sea themed 'A Question of..' stock - 20% of sales were donation to EJF's Oceans work

YAWstore's sea themed 'A Question of..' stock - 20% of sales were donation to EJF's Oceans work

The amazing support by YAW Store this past June has helped support EJF’s oceans campaign which works to end pirate fishing in West Africa and end human trafficking, slave labour, and human rights abuses aboard fishing fleets across the world. Our recent work in Thailand aided the recently published Guardian investigation into slavery at sea, whilst our work in Sierra Leone has enabled communities to log and report illegal fishing vessels, which we monitor and pursue, resulting in over $100,000 of fines and deterring vessels from destroying the sea bed and food source for local people.

Want to know more?

Guardian Exposé on Thai Fishing Industry

EJF in Sierra Leone

YAW Store

All of their clothing is sweatshop free or vintage / upcycled waste. They do not stock any animal skins and they support small designers and charity projects. They are passionate about where their cotton comes from and champion organic.

You can check out YAW Store’s fabulous ethical fashion range on their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook

Made In Chelsea stars support Save The Sea Fashion

Oliver Proudlock has been sharing his new Serge DeNimes 'Drop in the Ocean' t-shirt design for EJF with Made In Chelsea friends Louise Thompson, Jamie Laing and Riley Uggla… who have joined to help EJF Save the Sea! 

The stars from the reality tv show Made In Chelsea were pictured sporting Oliver Proudlock's designer t-shirts yesterday, and have joined other celebrities in supporting EJF's new Save the Sea collection, including Geoge Craig, Diana Vickers, and Kimberly Wyatt. 

                      Serge DeNimes founder and designer Oliver Proudlock with his new Save the Sea design

                      Serge DeNimes founder and designer Oliver Proudlock with his new Save the Sea design

Former Made In Chelsea star himself, Oliver Proudlock has joined with London-based designers Emma Cook and Patternity to create ocean-inspired designs in support of EJF’s Save the Sea campaign this summer. 

The 100% organic and fairly traded t-shirts are part of EJF’s Just For fashion collection, which highlights the important role ethical and sustainable fashion has in protecting people and planet while bringing attention to EJF's campaigns.

You can join the Made In Chelsea cast and by purchasing one of the designer t-shirts at EJF's online shop

                                            Louise shares her 'Drop in the Ocean' message with EJF supporters. 

                                            Louise shares her 'Drop in the Ocean' message with EJF supporters. 

                                                   Jamie  shows off EJF's 'Drop in the Ocean' t-shirt for his fans.

                                                   Jamie shows off EJF's 'Drop in the Ocean' t-shirt for his fans.

                                           Riley  wearing Oliver Proudlock's 'Drop in the Ocean' designer tee.

                                           Riley wearing Oliver Proudlock's 'Drop in the Ocean' designer tee.

Save The Sea Pop-Up Shop

Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is excited to announce the opening of another great pop-up shop in the heart of London where you can buy affordable designer fashion, all sustainably and ethically made.

‘Just For… EJF’ is opening the doors of the ‘Save The Sea’ pop-up today, 10th June 2014, at 13, Newburgh Street, where we will proudly be showcasing our newest collection of oceans-inspired designs from British designers, Emma Cook, Patternity and Ollie Proudlock’s Serge DeNimes .

Zara Martin wearing design by Emma Cook

Zara Martin wearing design by Emma Cook

This new collection adds to EJF’s extensive range of designer tees and has been supported by famous faces including Zara Martin, George Craig, Diana Vickers, James Brown, Kimberly Wyatt, Max Rogers, Caroline Ford, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Izzy Lawrence . All proceeds support EJF’s Save the Sea campaign to end illegal pirate fishing.

As well as this new collection of oceans-inspired t-shirts, the Just For… EJF pop-up sells our full range of designer, 100% organic t-shirts and sweatshirts from designers including Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett, Giles Deacon, Christian Lacroix and Kenzo.

George Craig with Biggie Smalls, wearing a design by Katharine Hamnett

George Craig with Biggie Smalls, wearing a design by Katharine Hamnett

We’re also delighted to be joined by Foundation Agency, InHeels and Yaw Store who will ensure you are able to complement your EJF t-shirt with a range of summer clothing and accessories. Matt and Nat’s ethical vegan handbags and accessories will be available to buy as well as a beautiful collection of sustainable womenswear, including dresses, skirts, tops and trousers, all in gorgeous on-trend colours, from independent designers.

The Just For … EJF pop-up shop will be raising vital funds in support of the Environmental Justice Foundation’s campaigns to end illegal pirate fishing, ensure recognition and protection for climate refugees, protect precious habitats for bees and end the use of some of the world’s most toxic pesticides.

Just For… EJF is open from 10th June – 22nd June at 13 Newburgh Street, London, W1, just off Carnaby Street where shoppers can bag the latest must-have ethical item.


Save The Seas Celebrity Photo Shoot

To launch EJFs Save The Sea t-shirt campaign, which is to coincide with World Oceans Day this June, we pulled together a VIP photo shoot on 28th May, working to get some amazing images of celebrity supporters wearing our new designer collaboration organic tees.


It was so exciting to see the three designs finalised and the collection come together, ready to be shot on the VIP models for the day. Each design portrays a different side of the campaign that resonated with the designers; Emma Cooks amazing use of photo realism depicts the natural beauty of marine life, Patternitys t-shirt translates the depletion of sea grass on the oceans sea beads into pattern and Serge DeNimes bold use of a simple and effective slogan gets across the plight of our worlds oceans perfectly.

Our three Save The Sea collaboration designs, Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes

Our three Save The Sea collaboration designs, Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes


We were really excited to have the support from ongoing EJF supporters like Zara Martin and, newlyweds Max Rogers and Kimberly Wyatt. As seasoned pros they were naturals in front of the camera, with Max and Kimberly even taking to have some really playful pictures together, piggybacks and all. Also involved was celebrity hair and fashion stylist James Brown, best known for his work behind the scenes on a shoot, but had obviously picked up some tips from the likes of Kate Moss and Lily Allen over the years.

James Brown wearing Patternity

James Brown wearing Patternity


It was also great to have some new faces on board supporting the Save The Sea campaign, up and coming actress Caroline Ford, who is soon to be a regular on your screens on FOXs new show Hieroglyph, Izzy Lawrence who writes for various publications and DJs all over town and Divergent actor, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, who was first in front of the camera, pulling some of his best Zoolander impressions for photographer Steph. All three where amazing, and really got into the fun spirit of the shoot and the importance of the campaign, we cant wait to work with them all again in the future!

Ben Lloyd-Hughes wearing Emma Cook

Ben Lloyd-Hughes wearing Emma Cook


Last but by no means least George Craig and Diana Vickers joined us for the last shots of the day, with their ultra cute Chihuahua Biggie Smalls. Whilst Biggie ran around being fawned over by everyone, Diana and George were putting past experience in front of the camera to great use, creating some really amazing images. Both were so enthusiastic about EJFs work and were excited to hear about the different projects we are working on. So much so that George has also agreed to get involved and support our Save The Sea restaurant campaign, with his new pop-up restaurant Pearl in Hoxtonwe cant wait to head down to try their delicious fish and chips.

George Craig wearing Serge DeNimes, joined by Biggie Smalls

George Craig wearing Serge DeNimes, joined by Biggie Smalls


All in all it was a busy, but fun day and we have some amazing photographs of all three oceans inspired t-shirts, as well as some our new sweatshirts. Everyone involved was incredible, thank you all to all the team including photographer Stephanie Sian Smith, stylist Aradia Layton-Crockett, make up artist Liberty Shaw and assistant James Makings.


A special thanks must go to the designers; Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes. The designs, whilst all unique, are equally inspired by the core message to protect the worlds oceans and we cant wait to see them fly off the shelves at our pop-up store at 13 Newburgh Street, from the 10th June for two weeks. The continued support from the designers, not only for our Save the Sea campaign, but also promotes the importance and ease of using a sustainable and ethical supply chain within the fashion industry.


EJF Save The Sea designer t-shirts launch on World Oceans Day 8th March at and in store at our pop up, 13 Newburgh Street, just off Carnaby Street.